Strongman focuses on building significant functional and dynamic strength. This class emphasises physical strength, power and speed. It is relevant to all athletes. You’ll get to try our famous ‘Conan’s Wheel’, ‘Tire Flips, ‘Hercules Hoist’ or maybe even the Atlas Stones.



URSUS’ most popular and biggest bang for ya buck class- a 60 minute or ‘turbo’ 40 minute HIIT-style circuit class. The class is designed for all-comers, and with a great mix of both strength and cardio, it will definitely get the heart pumping.




URSUS is not all about heavy lifting; we pride ourselves on having some of HK’s best boxing and Muay Thai trainers. Classes include pad work, bag work, speed balls, spar bar and functional fitness to bring out the best fighter in you!


All classes open to novice to advanced level.



Whether  'rehab', 'prehab', to increase flexibility and increase efficiency of workouts and lifting, or simply to warm-up/ warm-down, this is a must. We will take you through your paces in these weekend classes. Try it once either before or after one of the main classes and see what a difference it will make. We have also found it educates our regulars in how to treat their body with respect and allow it to accommodate heavy training schedules.

Limited space available please be sure to book in advance


Ursus Fit- consists of Strength and Conditioning programming to build muscle, speed, power, endurance and mobility. Monday focuses on lower body strength, Wednesday upper body and Friday finishes off the week with a split routine to cover all your bases.



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